La vénerie

La Vénerie (literally Venery) used to be a hunting house, it became a children's holiday camp in 1923 to help young people marked by the war to recover.
Each child was scrupulously taken care of, weighted regularly. The aim of the camp was to reconstruct the bodies and souls of children completely thrown by years of conflicts.

With an increasing waiting list, the camp soon expanded welcoming more and more children. Then war happened again.

WWII created its orphans too.
When the war was over all the furniture was missing but thanks to the help of Gustave Gobert and donations the camp reopened. The customers were the same as before.

Mr. Velter, father of a famous local poet, was then in charge of the camp which ran until the late 70's.

From 1982 to 1984 La Vénerie became a middle school for the children of Signy-l'Abbaye.

La Vénerie hosted hunters' parties, just like in the 1910's, local clubs meetings, even rock festivals but the decayed building eventually had to close its doors.

Its revival came up with the impulse of the district council and the inhabitants who decided to let Le Chêne Perché's project happen.

Here is just what we know about La Vénerie, many details are still missing but we wanted to share with you the spirit of this place.

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