Adventure courses

The obstacles:

80 obstacles on 8 rising level courses
3 courses for the children (minimum 6 years old, 1,10m tall, 3.5 feet )
5 courses for the grown-ups including a zip course (5 zip wires from 65 to 426 feet, 20m to 130m- long)

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Experience an unusual outdoor activity at the top of the trees trekking from one platform to another using the different obstacles.

The platforms are hanged on the tree using a system of tightening. To go from one platform to the other use the elements hanged by cables. At Le Chêne Perché there are 80 different games (rope bridges, tarzan swings, zip slides) on 8 courses.

To complete a course it takes approximately 1h30 for the children course and 2h30 for the adult one (this may vary depending on the business of a course).


Participants, fitted with a climbing harness and a helmet, go around the course independently. However you will not be permitted to start the course until you have received full safety training from an instructor. Only once you have demonstrated that you are safe to go will you be allowed to continue around the course.

If you get stuck: do not panic, staff patrols the course regularly and is on hand to assist where necessary, bringing you back to the ground floor if requested.

The tree top activity requires a special equipment: a climbing harness with two karabiners and a helmet. The karabiners are hanged to the security cable at all time.

Le Chêne Perché tree top activity courses are physically testing, there is inevitably a risk of injury when undertaking such activities. Participants will be responsible for attaching themselves to the safety system.

Restriction: teenagers (under 16) and children must be under supervision of an adult.


We advise you to wear clothing that you won't mind getting dirty or even slightly damaged. Dress for the weather. Training shoes or walking boots are recommended. Fingerless gloves may be worn for added protection. Long hair must be tied back. Jewellery and body piercings should be removed or taped over.


Rope courses instructors have been trained according to the AFNOR regulation XPS 52 900 2. Published in November 2003, its final version is to be published in 2008, the Chêne Perché team already cope with the regulation to be. 5 instructors have been trained to manage rope course.
The courses and operating procedures are regularly and independentely inspected by Entreprise CERES to prevent any incident.