Tree houses

Who never dreamt of spending a night up in a tree? From now this can come true at Signy-l'Abbaye, a children playground since 1920.

Our tree-houses are located from 3 to 16 meters above the forest floor. The "Lisière" (13m) at the edge of the forest will offer you a panoramic view over the valley while the other stands right amidst the woods, and the lowest the "Ruche" perched from 3 to 8 m will welcome your entire family (accomodation : to 8 persons, no age restrictions) . The tree-houses can host from 2 to 8 persons, they cope with all the security demands. Built by a team of professionals the bedrooms are 9 to 15 sqm large and there are the balconies 6 to 10 sqm large.

Come and experienced the night of your life in the woods of Signy.
Equipped with country-style furniture and a dry toilet you won't be willing to go back down-to-earth and to civilization.
After a wonderfull night a continental breakfast will be delived in a basket at the bottom of your tree .

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